Sen. Ted Cruz joined media mogul Glenn Beck on Beck's radio show, and the Texas Republican quickly found himself batting away speculation about running for president.

Beck and the co-hosts of the radio show bantered with Cruz, during the Thursday interview about the 2016 presidential election.

"I hope there are an abundance of Reagans out there," Cruz said when asked about the 2016 race. "I think every person who might be thinking about it, the path that they ought to follow is to stand up and help lead the fight."

Beck said he and his radio co-hosts believed Cruz would be a good president, a conclusion they reached while discussing a list of potential Republican candidates.

"The only one that all four of us here on this program immediately agreed to was you," Beck said. "We would pull the lever for you today, and you're the only one. We all had three on our list but you were the only one that we all said, 'Absolutely, Ted Cruz.'"

Cruz declined to make any news during the radio show, in spite of the radio show crew's best efforts to egg him into making an announcement.

Listen to the entire entertaining segment above.