Broadcaster Glenn Beck believes that the Amazon drone unveiled on CBS's "60 Minutes" Sunday night is a flash of genius from CEO Jeff Bezos that will change the world.

Speaking with Sean Hannity Monday night, Beck proclaimed that Bezos' vision was a perfect example of the American entrepreneurial spirit which gave him hope for the future of the country.

"We can either tear each other apart or we can see that world that Amazon was talking about last night on '60 Minutes,' where literally the sky is the limit," Beck said. "Everything you know is about to change."

On his radio show Monday, Beck explained that the Amazon drone program reminded him of great inventors like Nikola Tesla.

"We’re on the threshold of it right now. The Jetsons, it’s here," Beck said. "It is the next chapter in the world.”

Beck marveled at the displacement that drones would bring to the trucking delivery system, changing the American way of life.

“Now, you can fight that, but you’ll never win," Beck added. "You can fight that. You can do everything you can to stop it, but you never will."

Beck reminded his listeners that America was on the "precipice of change."

“The way you think the world works, within 10 years, none of it will be like that. And I want you to really grasp that,” Beck said. “I could have said to you that in the next eight months Amazon … will say we’re going to have drones deliver your packages, and I would have been laughed at. I didn’t say that because I didn’t imagine that. But somebody else did.”