Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck officially endorsed Ted Cruz for president on Saturday.

Beck, a nationally syndicated radio host, founder of TheBlaze and best-selling author, made the announcement with the Texas senator at a rally in Ankeny, Iowa, adding that the U.S. needs a "new George Washington."

"Today's Washington will not be found in the garish light of gold, but rather, in the bold service of a man who stands tirelessly for what he deeply believes — that government should be of the people, by the people and for the people. That is why I am endorsing Senator Ted Cruz as the next president of the United States of America," Beck said.

On Twitter, Beck announced that Cruz is to become the "first Hispanic president."

"Glenn is a good friend and a fearless and reliable conservative," said Cruz, according to a press release from his campaign.

"Glenn has been a relentless fighter for liberty, for limited government, and for restoring the country we all love so much," said Cruz. "His powerful voice and passion played a critical role in my Senate victory and I am now proud to have him in our corner in 2016."

The endorsement is a boost for Cruz, who saw an endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin this week go to his rival Donald Trump, with whom Beck has been feuding for weeks.

Their quarrel came to a boiling point Thursday when National Review published 22 essays from Beck, along with 21 other right-of-center editors, columnists and writers in a symposium titled "Conservatives against Trump."

"Sure, Trump's potential primary victory would provide Hillary Clinton with the easiest imaginable path to the White House," Beck wrote in his essay. "But it's far worse than that. If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, there will once again be no opposition to an ever-expanding government."

"This is a crisis for conservatism. And, once again, this crisis will not go to waste," Beck concluded.

On Saturday Trump tweeted that Beck has "lost all credibility."

"Not only was he fired @ FOX, he would have voted for Clinton over McCain," Trump added.