Temperatures will be a little cooler in September when Congress returns from August recess, but House Republicans may heat things up again with a hearing on global warming and climate change.

Democrats are wary of the move, according to Politico. "House Republicans have essentially called Democrats' bluff by scheduling a long-sought hearing next month on climate change," Politico said.

"We would strongly suggest that this is a witch hunt and a waste of time," said Melinda Pierce of the Sierra Club.

Their hesitance is understandable, considering the negative reviews that followed former Vice President Al Gore's interview with the Washington Post's Ezra Klein.

"Because the planet has refused to warm up and cast doubt on the alarmist prophecies, Mr. Gore has stepped up his proganda[sic] game," wrote the Washington Times.

"After a quarter-century of wildly alarmist predictions that have failed to pan out — often with specific dates now in the past -- we'd say the five-point decline Frank cites is dismayingly low," said the Journal's James Taranto, referring to a statement by physicist Adam Frank about how the percent of Americans who understand global warming as a problem has declined since 1989.

And the embarrassment doesn't stop there.

Gore was wrong when he told Klein that "some are proposing we add Category 6 to the hurricane scale that used to be 1-5," according to Gretchen Goldman, an analyst for the Center for Science and Democracy.

"No, we're not pursuing any such change," Chris Vaccaro, director of the National Weather Service's office of public affairs told the Washington Post. "I'd also point out that the top rating, Category 5, has no ceiling: It includes hurricanes with top sustained winds of 157mph and higher."

Stubborn temperatures that refuse to go up, predicted weather disasters that didn't occur (such as record numbers of hurricanes) and arctic ice that just won't melt — no wonder global warming alarmists are trying to diminish the hearing before it even happens.