Is that headline a little inflammatory? Well, I thought it perfectly suited Secretary of State John Kerry's doomsday talk about how global warming was “perhaps the world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

Kerry, speaking to college students in Jakarta, Indonesia, said that global warming - oh, sorry, climate change I think they're calling it today - is as big a threat to the world as terrorism, nuclear weapons, diseases or poverty.

This is akin to Al Gore's nightmare predictions that the Arctic Ocean would be ice-free as early as the summer of 2014. Last I checked, while Arctic sea ice may be decreasing, it is not on track to disappear in the coming months (also, while the North Pole is losing ice, the South Pole is gaining.)

Let’s give Kerry the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume he’s right that we’re in as much danger from climate change as we are from terrorists. What’s the solution? Living in the woods?

Because even the liberal Think Progress admitted that global warming is not reversible.

“We’d have to drop total global emissions to zero now and for the rest of the century just to lower concentrations enough to stop temperatures from rising,” wrote the founding editor of Think Progress’ Climate Progress blog, Joe Romm. “Again, even in this implausible scenario, we still aren’t talking about reversing climate change, just stopping it – or, more technically, stopping the temperature rise. The great ice sheets might well continue to disintegrate, albeit slowly.”

And Romm's not alone. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy testified in September 2013 that actions taken to combat global warming couldn't be measured.

It’s more doom and gloom predictions from central planners that paint anyone who disagrees with them as “Flat Earthers” or “shoddy scientists.” Meanwhile, the doom and gloomers travel by massive aircrafts and fleets of vehicles to deliver their proclamations.