Rep. Louie Gohmert said on Friday he would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in a general election, but stopped short of saying he endorses Trump.

"I will always set aside everything personal and vote for the better candidate, whoever that is. And in this caseā€¦ it is Donald Trump," the Texas Republican said in a May 20 interview with Stuart Varney on Fox Business.

Gohmert said there is "no question" he would vote for Donald Trump over Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton when he goes to vote in November. However, he refused to confirm whether he would offer his full "support," which he defined as a willingness to "go across the country and speak for you, stand up for you, defend you."

"I can say I will vote for him, it appears he will be the nominee. And when I get in the voting booth in November and it's [Donald] Trump and Hillary [Clinton], there's no question who I'll vote for. That's not an issue at all."

The conservative congressman said he previously endorsed former candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, because he "knew I could trust him and we had each others back" since they had "been in the trenches" together "fighting for the same objectives in Congress."

"But I'm not there with Trump," he said.