Burn it down. It's all over.

Only 9 percent of Americans say baseball is their favorite sport to watch, according to recently released Gallup data. That's right, 9 percent. As American as baseball and apple pie indeed.

In contrast, an impressive 37 percent named football as their favorite sport, while 11 percent said basketball, and 7 percent said soccer.

Yes, soccer.

Ice hockey got only 4 percent. Sorry, ice hockey. Guess you are just too Canadian and too cold for America.

It’d be one thing if baseball, that finest of American creations, was third most-loved among the United State’s biggest spectator sports. But ranking just barely ahead of soccer? This is the future that liberals want.

There’s little shame in America’s greatest pastime placing behind sports that are faster-paced and/or offer more violence. They are good sports. Enjoyable even.

But soccer? I’m sorry, I was told we were going to make America great again.

“The 9% of Americans who mention baseball as their favorite sport to watch is the lowest percentage for the sport since Gallup first asked the question in 1937,” the polling group reported this week. “Americans named baseball as the most popular sport in 1948 and 1960, but football claimed the top spot in 1972 and has been the public's favorite ever since.”

So far, so bad.

“Soccer now nearly matches baseball's popularity. Seven percent say it is their favorite sport to watch, the highest that sport has registered to date,” Gallup added. "Only once before have at least 7% of Americans named a sport other than football, basketball or baseball as their favorite — and that was auto racing in 1997. (Auto racing is now down to 2% of mentions.)”

Here’s a key takeaway: Americans 55 and older love baseball. They hate soccer. About 14 percent of survey respondents in this age range listed baseball as their favorite sport, while only 1 percent listed soccer.

You get decidedly different results, however, when you poll younger demographics. The 18 to 34 and 35 to 54 crowds prefer soccer to baseball 11 percent to 6 percent and 10 to 7 percent, respectively.

Good on boomers, but like every other good thing handed to them by previous generations, they squandered it by failing to pass the torch of accumulated wisdom.

In a few years, the two favorite sports in this country will be football and American football and everyone will be confused and frustrated. And that’s what we deserve for taking something as wholesome and noble as baseball for granted.