Google often weighs in on topical issues through subtle messages on its website, and Wednesday's Supreme Court rulings sparked a response of support from the search engine giant.

Web users who type "gay" into a Google search saw a rainbow spectrum appear near the top of the page, an homage to a pair of high court decisions to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act and dismiss Prop 8, the California law that barred gay marriage, effectively killing it.

"LGBT," "queer" and "homosexual" also generated the same response, as well as "lesbian" and "transgender."

Other companies in the last year have taken a stance on LGBT issues with mixed reaction from consumers depending on what side of the debate they fall. A year ago, Oreo garnered national attention for an ad depicting the famous cookie with rainbow-colored filling in support of gay pride. But Chick-fil-A Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy, whose company contributes money to anti-gay marriage groups, sparked a controversy when he publicly came out against gay marriage last July, though that also generated strong support for the restaurant among conservatives.