NAPERVILLE, Ill. (AP) — The Republicans running for Illinois governor are debating how to cut the state budget.

State Sens. Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard, businessman Bruce Rauner and Treasurer Dan Rutherford are debating Tuesday in Naperville.

The candidates say they support allowing a temporary tax increase to roll back Jan. 1. That would reduce revenue by about $2 billion next fiscal year.

Rauner says he wants to replace public-employee pensions with a defined contribution plan he says would cost the state less.

Brady notes he voted for legislation to overhaul pensions that supporters say will save the state $1.3 billion in the first year.

Dillard says Illinois needs a "top to bottom overhaul" of its tax structure.

Rutherford says he'd work with the Democrat-controlled General Assembly to reach consensus on cuts.