The National Republican Senatorial Committee launched a website Wednesday hitting Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu for her husband's ties to Washington mega-lobbyist Tony Podesta.

The site, "Landrieu For Sale," dings Landrieu's husband, Frank Snellings, for helping Podesta sell a townhouse he used for lobbying. The property is listed for more than $1.8 million, a hefty chunk of which Snellings will receive as commission when the house sells.

Snellings, a real estate agent based in Washington, worked as Podesta's buying agent when he purchased the townhouse in 2009.

A spokesperson for Landrieu defended her husband's work.

"After practicing law in Louisiana for 19 years, Mr. Snellings decided 11 years ago to sell real estate. At that time, he and Sen. Landrieu received guidance from the Senate Ethics Committee that stated it is completely permissible and appropriate for Mr. Snellings to be a real estate agent for anyone," said Landrieu's communications director Matthew Lehner. "Mr. Snellings and Sen. Landrieu have always abided by the committee's rules and guidance, and they disclose their finances every year."

Landrieu, who is running for re-election in Louisiana, is widely considered one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the 2014 election cycle. She will face Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La., who is considered to be the Republican frontrunner.