In light of former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s decision to forego a race for the U.S. Senate, Republicans are touting their “unprecedented” research on Schweitzer as a major factor in his decision.

In an email to donors Monday, Sen. Jerry Moran, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, described the committee’s two-month, multinational efforts, which were carried out by a “network of professional investigators” who dug up dirt on Schweitzer, a Democrat, “in multiple locations and countries.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee did our homework and was ready for Brian Schweitzer.  For the last two months, we completed an unprecedented in-depth research effort against a potential Senate candidate. A network of professional investigators were utilized to conduct a thorough records search – in multiple locations and countries. Investigators poured through tens of thousands of documents in the form of newspaper articles, editorials, court documents, speech transcripts, and interviews.

The reason Brian Schweitzer decided not to run? I believe that he feared the information that we uncovered. That information, combined with how unpopular the Democrat agenda of higher taxes, bankrupting spending, and the ObamaCare train wreck is in Montana these days kept the governor out.

Schweitzer announced his decision Saturday — much to the surprise of national Democrats, who in an email Friday afternoon touted his 54-percent approval rating.