The National Federation of Independent Business plans to spend up to $2 million on favored candidates in the November elections, mostly on paid advertising.

The group represents the interests of small businesses in Washington, D.C. NFIB leaders said during a conference call with reporters Tuesday that its members are growing increasingly fed up with lawmakers who purport to advance their interests but then support policies that work against them — or just as bad “do nothing.”

“Our 350,000 members are frustrated and they’re mad,” NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner said. “Our members are tired of empty promises.”

The Republicans need to flip six Democratic held seats to win the Senate in November, and the NFIB has endorsed GOP candidates in six Senate races that could determine the balance of power: Kentucky, Arkansas, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia and Iowa.

In addition to paid media, NFIB officials said their political program will include voter registration and voter turnout activities, as well as educating its members on candidates.

A small business is officially classified as any company of up to 500 employees, but more than 90 percent of NFIB members employ less than 20 workers, with a majority of the group’s members employing less than 10.

Danner said that earning the group’s 2014 endorsement as a “certified” small business candidate would require candidates to support the group on the following issues: supporting a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, partially repealing Obamacare and backing “reasonable” limits on the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.