President Obama's refusal to consider spending cuts during the upcoming debt ceiling debate and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi's call for more taxes has top Republicans predicting stalemate and a chance of 50-50 or better of a government shutdown next month.

Top House leadership aides said that the GOP is mapping a plan to reject new taxes and demand a dollar-for-dollar spending cut for every added dollar of debt. "We will have all GOP members united with Speaker Boehner and the leadership," said a House leadership advisor. "The president has gotten the last nickel of new tax for the remainder of his presidency."

Key advisors said the initial result will likely be a shutdown. Two top aides put the likelihood at 50 percent.

But in a call to Secrets, Michigan Rep. Bill Huizenga said, "It went up, frankly, hearing Pelosi say that revenues and tax rates aren't done."

Huizenga is spending this week in his district meeting with small business owners and manufacturers worried about the debt debate and the impact of federal rules on their hiring and profits. At Marge's Donut Den in Wyoming, Mich., just outside Grand Rapids, owner Marge Wilson expressed frustration with recent congressional actions.

After he explained his goals to fix the issues, Huizenga said she asked him, "Well, how come it can't get done." His answer: "Half joking, I said, 'Marge, they're not listening to me.'" Her response: Wilson grabbed 15 business cards, stuffed them in her congressman's hand and said, "here are my business cards and you give them to those guys who don't understand what you are talking about. You have them call me."

He said that Pelosi would be among the first he'd give one of Wilson's cards to.