Roll Call reports that the National Republican Senate Committee has pulled funding for Rep. Todd Akin's campaign, after making  controversial comments on rape. Akin explained earlier this afternoon on the Mike Huckabee show that he would not drop out of the race.

Other prominent Republicans have demanded that Akin drop out including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell R-Ky., Sen. Scott Brown R-Mass., Sen. Ron Johnson R-Wis. and former Rep. Heather Wilson, a 2012 candidate for U.S. Senator from New Mexico.

Both Mitt Romney and Sen. John Cornyn have warned Akin to evaluate his campaign carefully in the next twenty-four hours.

“Congressman Akin’s statements were wrong, offensive, and indefensible.  I recognize that this is a difficult time for him, but over the next twenty-four hours, Congressman Akin should carefully consider what is best for him, his family, the Republican Party, and the values that he cares about and has fought for throughout his career in public service,” Cornyn said in a statement.

Mitt Romney agreed.

“I can’t defend what he said, I can’t defend him,” said Romney on WMUR radio in New Hampshire this afternoon. “He should spend 24 hours considering what will best help the country at this critical time.”

Politico reports that American Crossroads announced that they will pull all funding for Akin’s Senate race.