House Speaker Paul Ryan's office on Monday mocked congressional Democrats for taking seven months to come up with a new slogan that sounds a lot like the one Republicans have been using for the last year.

Democrats announced their new "Better Deal" campaign, which will focus on helping average Americans instead of the rich and special interest groups.

But AshLee Strong, Ryan's press secretary, noted that Republicans came out with the "Better Way" campaign last year.

"Have you seen this creative, innovative, totally unique 'Better Deal' messaging campaign ... the Democrats unveiled this morning for the 2018 cycle," she asked in an email that was interspersed with links to the GOP's "Better Way" website.

"You might be thinking to yourself: that sounds familiar," she said. "I swear I've seen this message before."

While the two initiatives sound like, they take very different paths to get to a "better" answer. Republicans are focused on tax reform, changing healthcare, deregulation and national security, while Democrats say they are focused on fighting "excessive corporate power" that gives companies an advantage over families.

Some of the Democrats' plans were outlined in a memo from Democrat pollster Geoff Garin, which Strong said was a sign that the Democrats' plans wouldn't resonate.

"[K]udos for kicking off your outreach to real America with a memo from a Washington pollster," she wrote.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a separate statement that the Democrat initiative amounts to "recycled talking points."

"Until Democrats make a real effort to work with Republicans and President Trump on the priorities voters supported last November, they are going to continue to be lost in the electoral wilderness," she said.