Retiring Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio, predicted that “taxes are going up on every American” because of President Obama’s unwillingness to cut spending as part of a fiscal cliff deal, but he suggested that House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, might partner with Democrats to avoid a cliff dive.

“Boehner hasn’t operated in that manner,” LaTourette told CNN’s Candy Crowley when asked if Boehner would refuse to pass a bill that required a coalition of Democratic and Republican votes. “And if there was a deal that he thought could actually pass and achieve what needs to be achieved for America, and that is the revenue side plus the spending side, he’d put that on the floor and let the House work its will.”

LaTourette argued that Boehner has attempted to compromise, but Democrats have not negotiated in good faith.  “[T]axes are going up on every American,” the retiring lawmaker said. “That’s a fact. But where the president has not been serious is the other side of the equation. He’s all about taxes. He has this mandate, he says, on taxes. But the spending cuts that need to get us out of this mess, he hasn’t been serious about those, and then that’s unfortunate.”