When the Topeka Capital-Journal first reported that Milton Wolf, a radiologist, had posted "gruesome" X-ray Images of dead or severely injured patients in February, many thought it would fatally wound his Tea Party primary challenge to Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan.

But his battle has continued through the controversy, despite confirmation of the Images and accompanying crass commentary.

Now, just days away from the GOP primary, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has launched an ethics investigation regarding Wolf's postings. The investigation being undertaken was confirmed by the Capital-Journal in reporting published Tuesday, after they received a request for materials including Wolf's posts.

In some of the postings being investigated by the state medial board, Wolf shared an X-ray Image of a person who was shot, commenting "What kind of gun blows somebody's head completely off? I've got to get one of those." Of another X-ray taken post-mortem, Wolf joked that the deceased "wasn't going to complain about the awkward positioning of his head for an X-ray." Once the Capital-Journal reported the postings, Wolf attempted damage control by saying his postings weren't a big deal, in what the Kansas City Star called compounded "faulty judgement."

The Wolf campaign is calling foul, with a spokesman telling the Capital-Journal the investigation is politically motivated. One person accused of leveraging her position on the medical board had already recused herself from any proceedings involving Wolf and was not aware of the investigation when asked about it by the Capital-Journal.

A press release from the Roberts campaign reiterated earlier comments that Wolf's behavior is unacceptable, and called Wolf a "deeply flawed candidate with a troubled past."