Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land has penned an essay for her campaign website about what she describes as “the real war on women.”

Land said she would “chuckle” whenever she heard her opponent, Rep. Gary Peters, D-Mich., or President Obama discuss the struggles of Michigan women. Land claimed the two men “have no idea what a war on women really is.”

“When an entrepreneur is struggling to keep the doors to her coffee shop open because of high taxes and regulatory burdens, due to Congressman Peters’ unpopular policies like Obamacare, that’s a war on women. When a young woman who just graduated college faces student loan default because she can’t find a good-paying job and struggles under the weight of unaffordable insurance, that’s a war on women.

“When a grandmother living on a fixed income sees her Medicare benefits cut, to pay for ObamaCare, that’s a war on women. When a single mom who saw her hours cut from full-time to part-time has to decide between buying gas and putting food on the table, that’s a war on women.”

Land also mentions the Democrats’ claims that she’s out of touch with women, especially when it comes to equal pay.

“I’m a woman, of course I support equal pay for equal work!” Land said. “My commitment to women’s equality doesn’t end there. I also support women having a bigger role in the workplace and having more control over their workday.”

Just want to note that equal pay for equal work is something everyone believes in, but Democrats have been pushing a false “77 cent wage gap” statistic -- a number they know is misleading -- in order to pass legislation that wouldn't even fix the false statistic. Because, as the mainstream media pointed out, the gap is due to women's choices and can't be linked to discrimination.

Land also recounted her time as Kent County Clerk and Michigan Secretary of State, when she implemented policies that allowed for flexible time for working mothers.

It appears Land, in this essay, is saying that the problems women are facing in America are the same problems men are facing — high taxes, regulatory burdens and a lack of jobs. Continuing to push a narrative that women only care about abortions and birth control is a disservice.