Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land has released her first campaign ad, which pokes fun at her opponent - a man - for accusing her of waging a war on women.

“I'm Terri Lynn Land. Congressman Gary Peters and his buddies want you to believe I'm waging a war on women. Really? Think about that for a moment," Land says.

The former Michigan secretary of state then takes a sip from her coffee mug, shakes her head and checks her watch while music reminiscent of a game show's final clock plays in the background.

“I'm Terri Lynn Land and I approve this message because, as a woman, I might know a little more about women than Gary Peters,” Land says.

Land and Peters are in a tight race for the Senate, and Peters has been trying to categorize Land as out of touch with women because she doesn't support Democrat initiatives.

Because there's no such thing as a woman who believes in limited government, low taxes or that abortion is wrong. That's just silly.

Because Democrats tell us so, all us women want is free birth control, abortions whenever we want and the ability to sue our employer whenever we don't get a promotion (of course by crying sexism, because there's no way any man could ever receive a promotion except for being a man).

Budget deficits, trade agreements, nuclear weapons? What's that? If it's not mentioned in Cosmopolitan then I haven't heard of it!

Maybe it's people like Peters who think women only care about their reproductive organs who are out of touch.