House Republicans, repelled by crude Democratic National Committee tweets crowing over the president's Obamacare victory in the Supreme Court, are firing back that the language tweeted isn't that of a party that speaks for women.

In a fundraising email to several hundred thousand supporters, the National Republican Congressional Committee and Washington State Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, vice-chair of the House Republican Conference, slammed the law and the "crass Democrats" who support it.


Right after the Supreme Court's decision this morning the Democratic National Committee started celebrating - these are direct quotes:

"it's constitutional. B****es." "TAKE THAT MOTHER******S!!"

This is the party that speaks for women? I'm appalled.

As a Mother, I fear my kids will grow up in a country where Washington controls healthcare decisions best left to Moms, Dads and families.

We must get rid of this law by defeating the crass Democrats who support it.

Please give $3 right now and let's show Democrats what Mom-Power looks like.

Take control now,

Cathy McMorris Rodgers,

Vice-Chair, House Republican Conference