The Republican Party isn't waiting for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to finally decide to run for the presidency in 2016. On Monday, they unloaded a double-barrelled attack on the former first lady and the mainstream media that the GOP sees as cheerleaders for Clinton.

The campaign opened with a new YouTube video featuring Clinton's effort to push past the Benghazi, Libya embassy killings on her watch when she asked lawmakers, "What difference does it make?"

The video is meant to remind voters about the affair and slap the media for moving past the attacks, specifically NBC and CNN which are planning to air shows about Clinton.

"In the first video," the GOP said in a release, "the RNC questions if the networks will 'forget' to include the former Secretary of State dodging questions about the Benghazi attacks in, 'Will The Hillary Films Include... 'What Difference Does It Make'?"

Also, the Republican National Committee issued an email suggesting that NBC and CNN are "ready to help" Clinton's possible presidential campaign. "We're ready to stop them," said the RNC. Their email follows:


"What difference, at this point, does it make?"

Those are Hillary Clinton's words, not mine - her words when questioned after a U.S. Ambassador and three brave Americans were killed by terrorists.

Now the Clintons are preparing for their fourth White House campaign, and CNN and NBC are ready to help. And we're ready to stop them.

RNC Chairman Priebus is standing up to the networks and demanding that they abandon their pro-Hillary documentaries or the GOP will abandon them during the next round of Republican primary debates.

So I'm asking what difference can you make?

You can make a difference by joining Chairman Priebus in demanding that CNN and NBC abandon their pro-Hillary propaganda. The Chairman has given them a deadline of Wednesday, August 14th or we will hold a binding vote of RNC members banning GOP Presidential candidates from participating in CNN or NBC sponsored debates.

Please sign our urgent petition to stop these pro-Hillary Clinton films today.

Thank you,

Mike Shields

RNC Chief of Staff

P.S. We all know Hillary's real record won't be shown by anything CNN or NBC produces. So we're putting together some videos of what you won't see from the liberal media. You can watch our first video here.

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