A super PAC involved in Oregon's Republican Senate race is getting some unusual attention, as a key funder of the PAC doubles as a video psychologist who uses a buzzer to cure “women's sex problems,” post-traumatic stress disorder, warts and even loose bowels.

Loren Parks is one of the key funders of the oddly named “If He Votes Like That In Salem Imagine What He'll Do In Congress” super PAC that is attacking the GOP primary opponent of Monica Wehby, a pediatric surgeon and GOP centrist backed by the Republican establishment.

The political action committee has already drawn attention because another big donor is Andrew Miller, reportedly in a relationship with Wehby, running against Republican Rep. Jordan Conger for the GOP nomination to challenge Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley. Her campaign has said there is no coordination with the super PAC.

But now critics of the super PAC and Wehby, especially outside of Oregon, are looking at Parks' background and the more than 30 videos he has produced for his psychotherapy business, though he doesn't indicate that he has any medical degree.

In several of those posted on YouTube, he addresses “women's sex problems.” In one, he says, “For women, the problem is guilt and that guilt comes from guilt trips that mother, preacher, parent, somebody who in the child's mind is an authority figure tells them how naughty sex is.”

He adds, “Those things can continue to be with you all of your life and inhibit you from enjoying the sexual pleasure that you were born to enjoy.”

Parks tells of helping women by having sex with them. “I’ve had quite a number of sexual partners,” the elderly man says.

But for those watching the video, he has another solution. He asks them to recall their guilt or issue, he then presses a buzzer and yells “Disconnect.” He claims it works “in seconds.”

Typically in the videos, the millionaire businessman is dressed in an open-collar flannel shirt and sitting in a cluttered room.

One critic suggested that Parks could be featured in a “war on women” campaign ad by the Democrats if Wehby wins the May 20 primary.

In other videos, such as one on PTSD, he uses the same technique. He also dismisses PTSD as only war-related. He says women can suffer PTSD by “getting jilted by a boyfriend.”

News reports describe Parks as wealthy GOP donor. He moved from Oregon to Nevada years ago, but continues to fund Oregon GOP candidates.

CORRECTION: Loren Parks and Andrew Miller are not part of the leadership of the super PAC called "If He Votes Like That in Salem Imagine What He'll do in Congress." The super PAC is also not backing Oregon state Senate candidate Monica Wehby this year but is attacking her opponent in the Republican primary, Rep. Jordon Conger. The Washington Examiner regrets the errors. This story originally posted on April 25 and was updated at 6:30 p.m. April 30.

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.