CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Republicans invading the Democratic Convention assailed President Obama's self-grade of "incomplete" and distributed a swag bag that included a "You Didn't Build That" box of Legos and a package of Kleenex for Democrats sad over leaving the president for Mitt Romney.

"The Legos are so you can build it," said Republican Party spokesman Sean Spicer, a slap at Obama's earlier comment that government gets some credit for building small businesses. "The Kleenex are for those breaking up with Obama," he added.

The swag bag was a softer touch than the aggressive new ads the GOP unveiled, one suggesting that even former President Jimmy Carter wouldn't approve of Obama's handling of the economy. Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu called Carter "our latest surrogate."

The party, which has set up office in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, next to the Democratic Convention, also hosted a press conference featuring South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Sununu who both assailed Obama's "incomplete" grade.

Haley mocked Obama, telling of how if one of her children received an incomplete, "that means they fail, unless there is Summer School, and there is no Summer School."

Sununu, who once taught at Tufts University, said an incomplete is code language for failure. "He thought the 'I' was for incomplete," said Sununu. "The 'I' was for incompetent."