Wendy Long, the Republican running against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., claims that a New York City poll worker tried to get her to vote only Democratic candidates when she went to the polls this morning.

“This morning when I went to vote, a poll worker who was at the scanner, studied my private ballot and proceeded to tell me that it was rejected because I did not ‘fill in every space,’” Long, an attorney, wrote on her campaign website. “She then proceeded to indicate that I should mark the Democratic line all the way down.”

Long said that the poll worker told her that the scanner would not accept her ballot without voting in every race. “She eventually relented  saying ‘well you can TRY it’  – meaning she would allow me to put it in the scanner.  It obviously worked.”

The Real Clear Politics average shows Long trailing Gillibrand by 43 points, but there are competitive House races in upstate New York.