General Motors announced plans today to invest $220 million into two Ohio plants to build the Chevrolet Cruze. The money will be spent on “tooling and equipment” according to a release from GM, for factories in Lordstown and Parma, Ohio.

President Obama frequently mentions the government bailout of General Motors on the campaign trail, pointing out that he “saved” the auto industry and  protected thousands of union jobs.

The UAW praised GM’s announcement in a joint statement with the company.

“The men and women of Lordstown are working hard to keep the Cruze a top-quality small car choice. The next-generation of the Cruze is well earned and we are thrilled to be assigned work that will keep good-paying next generation UAW jobs in the state of Ohio for years to come,” said UAW Local 1112 Shop Chairman Ben Strickland and UAW Local 1714 Shop Chairman Will Adams.

Ohio is a crucial swing-state in the upcoming presidential election, which is seventy-four days away. President Obama campaigned in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday.