In its November issue, GQ spends some time rating the style of the political pundits who have invaded our TV time this election season. Among the magazine's favorites: MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who "has fun with the traditional prep palette;" Fox's Shepard Smith, "a tailored dude who dresses with pride;" and the "always appropriate" Tom Brokaw, who makes "the pundit panel [look] costumed."

Those faring less well in GQ's eyes include Rush Limbaugh ("he makes the late Jackie Gleason look sleek") and Fox's Sean Hannity (who "wears ties that look like they belong on a gift under a tree"). But the magazine reserved its most severe condemnation for Bill Maher.

"Sharkskin doesn't mean your suit should resemble an actual fish," Glenn O'Brien writes, before admonishing Maher that a man's tie should always be wider than his, er, member.