Voters from all 50 states are coming together to create their own grassroots effort to stop Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump from securing the GOP nomination. The group, #NeverTrump PAC, named after the popular hashtag, announced its existence on Thursday while vowing to aggressively pursue a three-prong strategy to take Trump out of the 2016 contest.

"#NeverTrump Super PAC was founded on the fundamental belief that as the Republican nominee, Donald Trump would cause irreparable damage to American culture and ideals," the group said in a statement, adding that the organization plans to work "tirelessly to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination, to ensure that he never represents the voices of American conservatives, and that he never becomes President of the United States of America."

While several other anti-Trump outside groups certainly exist, the group claims it is the only organization that supports "the grassroots, rank-and-file voter efforts that see Trump as dangerous and an anathema to their core beliefs."

Other groups like American Future Fund, Club for Growth and Our Principles PAC have launched seven-figure ad buys questioning Trump's conservative credentials and using his own words to highlight liberal positions he's previously held. But #NeverTrump PAC plans to use social media, grassroots mobilization and the Republican nominating process itself to stop the businessman from making it to the general election.

The organization has already launched a digital petition across various social media platforms asking users to pledge not to support Trump and is using their signatures (email addresses in this case) to construct a list where they can 'communicate and activate' such voters. Using the #NeverTrump hashtag, popularized by Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., and Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, who've both vowed not to support Trump as the GOP nominee, the group also plans to reach new votes and "stand on principle against Trump throughout this election year."

"#Never Trump SuperPAC will stand with [those against Trump] and will build a grassroots and digital army to stand up to the bullying tactics and intimidation we've come to expect from Donald Trump," the statement read.

Finally, the group plans to "tirelessly oppose efforts to short-circuit the [nominating] process by crowning Trump the presumptive nominee before everyone's voice is heard [at the Republican National Convention] in Cleveland." To accomplish this goal, #NeverTrump PAC says it will communicate with "voters state-by-state about practical steps needed to ensure that Trump gets nowhere near a majority of delegates [at] the convention."

Trump currently leads his closest opponent, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, by 99 delegates in the GOP race and could gain an additional 165 delegates if he pulls off wins Ohio and Florida next Tuesday. If the businessman emerges victorious from both those winner-take-all primaries, he would need to win around 40 percent of the remaining nominating contests to reach the 1,237 threshold.

Even if that happens, the #NeverTrump PAC seems to suggests it won't accept Trump as the Republican nominee.

"Never means never," the group said in its statement.