Unlike his chief of staff, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has not sought counsel from the famed crisis communications consultant who advised presidential paramour Monica Lewinsky.

"I'm not working with Judy Smith," said Gray, who acknowledged that he had met Smith informally in the past. Previously, the Gray administration had declined to detail the mayor's interactions with Smith.

Earlier this week, emails surfaced that showed Gray chief of staff Chris Murphy met with Smith for breakfast in July. The session came one day after a third Gray campaign associate pleaded guilty to federal charges and as demands that the mayor resign reached a fever pitch.

Smith, who has declined to comment, has a long history of working in high-profile cases. Along with Lewinsky, her client roster includes former Sen. Larry Craig, an Idaho Republican who was arrested for lewd conduct after an episode in an airport bathroom, and the family of murdered intern Chandra Levy.

Smith was also the inspiration for "Scandal," a drama on ABC.