Brian Lamb is relinquishing the CEO post at C-SPAN, but he’s hardly leaving. Lamb will retain the title executive chairman and continue conducting interviews on a Sunday night program at the network he founded 33 years ago.

Reflecting on several decades of interviews, Lamb told Yeas & Nays “I don’t have any absolute favorites,” though he added, “I like historians.” Plenty of sticky moments happened, like when  Robert Kahn, co-founder of the internet, collapsed during the last eight minutes of the interview of dehydration. (He came back the next day in the same shirt and tie and finished it.) Wall Street Journal reporter Amity Shlaes once left the studio before the crew discovered that the recording didn’t take. “And she had just told me how excited her grandmother was,” recalled Lamb. “I’ll be darned if she didn’t come right back and retape it.”

Though Lamb, 70, doesn’t care much for much for contemporary TV (“Today the humor has just gone into the gutter”), he and his wife have fallen for “Mad Men.” “They have captured the dress and the look of the time,” he said. “I forgot how much people smoked back then.”