Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling has joined the green energy movement, coming out on Valentine's Day to say that Big Oil is breaking his heart.

"Hey girl, you've got a monopoly on my heart. But oil has a monopoly on our fuel supply," says a new poster featuring his blond locks, trim beard and wide open collar.

It's part of a new bid by Fuels America to promote alternative fuels and bash big oil. The new campaign comes with a sarcastic YouTube that hits oil companies for high gas prices and pollution.

The campaign revealed to Secrets says:

"Regardless if you're Ryan Gosling or the average Romeo, love is in the air this week. But America is suffering from a broken heart caused by oil.

On this love filled holiday, check out a new Fuels America video - We Love Oil!

It is time to end America's love affair with this finite and expensive fuel source that has led to higher gas prices, and climate change-inducing weather that makes us the wrong kind of hot.

Happy Valentine's Day

President Obama has made green energy and fuels a major focus in his second term, with a goal of having car companies produce more vehicles that run on alternatives.