Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, said he is looking forward to enacting a bill that would force cities and counties in the Lone Star State to fully follow federal immigration policies.

"The Texas sanctuary city ban wins final legislative approval. I'm getting my signing pen warmed up. #txlege #tcot," Abbott tweeted Wednesday evening.

Senate Bill 4, effectively a ban on sanctuary cities, cleared its final hurdle in the state legislature Wednesday when the Senate voted in favor of the House changes to the bill. Republicans and Democrats voted straight party line, 20 to 11.

The bill allows law enforcement officers to ask the immigration status when persons who have been detained give police reason to believe they may illegally be in the U.S.

Local jurisdictions are barred from passing legislation or implementing policies that rescind the new state policy.

This bill will now go to Abbott's desk, who had called for these reforms during his State of the State address earlier this year.