Dec. 31st creeps upon us once more. For me, that means it's time for my annual Chutzpah Awards.

Chutzpah is defined as gall or audacity so brazen that it's exemplified by the guy who murdered both his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court, on the grounds that he was an orphan.

Those who made this year's list aren't quite that bad, but it wasn't for lack of effort on their part.

Ninth runner-up: Chris Kluwe, a punter for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League, accused Maryland Del. Emmett Burns of "vitriolic hatred and bigotry" for the legislator's opposition to same-sex marriage. Kluwe then sent Burns an email filled with vitriolic hatred.

Eighth runner-up: Supporters of Maryland's same-sex marriage law -- which went to the voters for an up-or-down vote -- tried to portray themselves as the very quintessence of tolerance during the campaign to get voters to approve the statute. They made a big deal about supporting Angela McCaskill, a diversity officer at the District of Columbia's Gallaudet University, when school officials placed her on administrative leave after she signed a petition to put the same-sex measure on the ballot. Robert J. Smith, a member of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board, was fired in 2006 for expressing his religious belief that homosexuality was deviant. Where were all these tolerant folks then? Where were they when students at the University of Maryland, College Park, tried to get a Chick-fil-A restaurant booted off campus after Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy expressed his opposition to same-sex marriage?

Ah, where indeed.

Seventh runner-up: NBC sportscaster Bob Costas, who said, on the air, that if Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher didn't own a gun, he wouldn't have killed his girlfriend and then himself. Memo to Costas: Guys have killed their wives, girlfriends, ex-wives and ex-girlfriends by methods other than shooting them, you know.

Sixth runner-up: sports columnist Jason Whitlock, who wrote the column that Costas quoted from. Whitlock further distinguished himself by claiming the National Rifle Association is "the new KKK," and that evil forces were flooding black neighborhoods with drugs and guns.

Fifth runner-up: Shi'Dea Lane, the hapless and hopeless Cleveland resident who got her 15 minutes of fame after getting socked in the jaw by a bus driver. There is a video of the incident, in which Lane can be seen all but baiting the driver, Artis Hughes, into fighting her. It appeared Lane was trying to prove how much of a man she was, and now she knows she's not man enough to beat Hughes. Lane makes the list for going into victim mode after the incident, which police say started when she spat on Hughes and tried to choke him.

Fourth runner-up: Lane again, for revealing she has a daughter. I find it disturbing that someone as crass and ignorant as Lane can breed. I only hope she doesn't vote.

Third runners-up: all those who have signed a petition to have CNN personality Piers Morgan deported for his anti-gun rants. Morgan wants to do away with the Second Amendment. Those who signed the petition want to do away with the First.

Second runner-up: Barack Hussein Obama, for having the nerve to run for re-election on what amounted to a record of failure.

First runner-up: Obama again, for thinking that losing 24 of 50 states -- 20 of them by huge margins -- constitutes a "mandate."

The winner: "Colleen" Francis, of Washington, a "transgender woman" who walked around Evergreen College's female locker room flashing "her" male genitalia. Francis makes the list for comparing "her" plight to that of blacks in Alabama back in 1959.

I stand corrected: It looks like we HAVE found someone with more chutzpah than that guy who murdered his parents.

Examiner Columnist Gregory Kane is a Pulitzer-nominated news and opinion journalist who has covered people and politics from Baltimore to the Sudan.