The anti-abortion group March for Life Action is urging Congress to include language in its spending bill that would bar Obamacare funds from going toward abortions.

The group otherwise will score against the spending bill, it warned in a letter sent to the House and Senate Monday. Another anti-abortion group, Susan B. Anthony's List, issued a similar warning last week.

The groups are urging that the bill include language in the Hyde Amendment, which prevents federal dollars from going toward most abortions. Congress has until Friday to pass a spending bill before funding runs out.

Congressional leaders are considering including funding for Obamacare as part of their spending bill, but it's not clear if they have adequate support in the House. One of the provisions would help fund out-of-pocket costs for low-income customers, called cost-sharing reduction subsidies, and the other provision would set up a reinsurance fund, which puts federal dollars toward the medical costs of the most expensive enrollees. Both bills are aimed at reducing premiums.

Anti-abortion groups fear the funding would indirectly help pay for abortions and are requesting specific language to prohibit that from happening.

"The reinsurance and [cost-sharing reduction] effort under discussion also includes appropriating more than $21 billion in new funds over two years to subsidize plans, including those that cover elective abortion on the exchanges for over 1.2 million people. If such a bill does not explicitly include the Hyde Amendment protections, cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers will fund plans that cover abortion," said Tom McClusky, vice president of government affairs for March for Life Action. "In other words, a pro-life Congress will have opened the doors to more taxpayer funding of abortion."

Some states have specifically banned private insurers that sell coverage on the Obamacare exchanges from paying for abortions, while other states, such as California and New York, require the coverage.