Lawmakers frustrated that Congress won't consider comprehensive immigration or tax reform can blame the 906 pages it took to write the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent 20,000 pages of regulations to enforce Obamacare.

Grover Norquist, the influential president of Americans for Tax Reform and an immigration reform supporter, said that the long Obamacare bill filled with exemptions and gifts for political allies killed chances that any similarly long bill on taxes or immigration will get a shot.

As a result, he said that there is a much better chance for the House GOP’s plan for smaller and separate legislation on the issues such as the Dream Act and border protection.

“I think that Obamacare has made immigration reform comprehensive, meaning all in the same package, more difficult.” he told Secrets. “And Obamacare has made tax reform more difficult because people don't trust bills that are 300 pages long.”

Instead, Norquist said, “We’re more likely to get certain rifle-shot stuff through until there is trust built up and that’s going to be a long time.”

And maybe not until President Obama leaves the stage. “I think some of this stuff, frankly, just takes a different president,” said Norquist.

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