Washington women have not gone unnoticed in the R-rated GQ list of the "100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century." Both former first lady Laura Bush and her daughter Jenna make the cut as does first lady Michelle Obama, or at least her famously-toned arms.

The February issue just out also gives top billing to Washington's latest sensation, the lip-syncing Beyonce, but not for her voice.

Obama's inclusion isn't a big surprise: The media has been gaga over her "guns" for years. GQ called her arms "assault weapons," and put her in the "spousal hot" category. "Look at those arms! She could power-lift a thousand Bloomingdale's bags with those arms. Put those arms on me and I could rule the world," said the magazine.

But the Bush mother-daughter duo seem an awkward, almost creepy, add to the list.

Barbara Bush's twin Jenna is the featured 2001 winner in GQ's "Sexiest Women of the Millennium." The magazine plays up her party girl background, complimenting her for showing the University of Texas "hook 'em" horns at 2005 Inaugural Ball.

As for Laura, the magazine said: "Laura is hot and seems like she has a secret."

The media also gets some attention, or at least Fox broadcasters. The magazine wrote, "Women of Fox. Half Dallas-country-club wives, half army of angry dominatrixes."