The Romanian hacker who originally exposed Hillary Clinton's personal email address is set to begin trial in Alexandria, Va., on Sept. 12, following a preliminary hearing held Thursday morning.

Marcel Lazar, also known as "Guccifer," hacked accounts that belonged to a variety of officials worldwide. Some of those included former President George W. Bush, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal. It was through the breach of Blumenthal's address that Clinton's personal email address was first revealed.

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Guccifer had already received a seven-year sentence on charges in Romania, but was extradited to Alexandria last month to a face a nine-count U.S. indictment on charges of hacking, identity theft and cyberstalking, among others.

Legal analysts have said Guccifer's extradition was unusual due to the fact that he was already safely tucked away in a foreign facility, and in light of the nominal threat his technical knowledge poses even outside of prison. He had stated in interviews that his hacking triumphs came from reading tomes of biographies and personal information about his subjects, and then simply guessing their passwords based on aspects of their lives.

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The main value to be gained from his extradition, experts suggest, is for federal authorities to find what information he may still hold on Clinton. He has suggested previously that he still holds some stolen information in a hidden cloud. If Guccifer is found to hold classified information stolen from the private server that Clinton used to process emails, it would build on the case that Clinton's actions put national security at risk.

Attorneys have said they expect the September trial to last for less than two weeks. It remains to be seen whether any of Guccifer's victims will be called to testify.