Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, making the case that all presidents should get a vote on their nominations, said that should be the case no matter who becomes president, including Jeb Bush or even Chelsea Clinton.

Reid spoke this morning to the Center for American Progress on gridlock in the Senate, blaming the GOP minority for blocking presidential picks with some 420 filibusters in recent years.

He cited the Constitution in claiming that all that is needed is a majority vote. "The founding fathers want an up or down vote," said Reid, who is considering the so-called "nuclear option" of ending the Senate agreement that a 60-vote supermajority be required to approve a nominee.

A majority vote, he said, "is basically what we've been crying for for years. And I believe this whether it's one of the new Bushes ... maybe Jeb, or maybe a new Clinton, maybe Hillary, or maybe even the daughter. Whoever is president, they should have the ability to pick their team. I feel very strongly about that."

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