Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continued to complain Tuesday about Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Republicans in general for stalling important legislation in Congress, noting that there was no chance for common ground unless Republicans agreed to go to the negotiating table.

Reid called Cruz the “very junior senator from Texas” and complained that he was not about to cave to Republican’s demand for more spending cuts.

“Last night the very junior senator from Texas said Republicans would agree to go to conference only if Democrats first would give in to their demands," Reid groused. “What were those demands? Well, they want more job-killing budget cuts.”

Reid complained that Republicans were acting like bullies.

“In other words, Republicans refuse to play the game unless we let them win,” Reid added. “Mr. President, the rules are set. We know what the rules are. So let’s get down and go for it with the rules. But they’re not willing to do that. Like schoolyard bullies, if the Republicans can’t win, they’ll take the ball and go home.”