Like an alt-right Attila, Steve Bannon has come crashing down on Capitol Hill, swearing a blood oath to topple Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by scalping wayward Republican Senators unwilling to honor their campaign promises.

In that endeavor, the pudgy, triple-shirted Breitbart CEO enjoys the approval of the electorate.

Bannon has pushed McConnell into a public-opinion Thunderdome and, at least according to a Harvard-Harris poll, he is the favorite to leave. Of surveyed Republicans, 44 percent want McConnell to stay on as majority leader while 56 percent say he should resign. What’s more, only 39 percent of those same Republicans oppose Bannon’s coming electoral conquest while an overwhelming 61 percent support it.

Those numbers will feed Bannon’s scourge and discourage an already embattled establishment. But will they sway incumbents? Maybe. Already Sens. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jeff Flake of Arizona have decided to forgo their 2018 re-election campaigns.

Everyone in Washington is wondering whether or not Bannon is a credible threat after he helped topple incumbent Sen. Luther Strange in a special Alabama primary. Per this poll, those fears are valid, and Bannon is especially dangerous.