A new study from Harvard University on the ability of low-income children to achieve social mobility found that the largest hindrance to moving up the income ladder is being raised by a single parent.

β€œThe strongest and most robust predictor [of social mobility] is the fraction of children with single parents,” the study said.

Further, the study found that β€œ[children] of married parents also have higher rates of upward mobility if they live in communities with fewer single parents.”

Now, obviously there are cases of successful children who were raised by single parents, but the study suggests that it is more likely for a child to climb the income ladder if they are living with both parents in a community of married parents.

The study found the prevalence of single parents to be a much larger factor in determining social mobility than income inequality -- something President Obama and Democrats speak of ad nauseum.

In fact, the study found that income inequality was not a statistically significant predictor of social mobility.

But don't expect Obama and company to admit that. If the president was truly concerned with rescuing the American dream, he would extol the benefits of marriage rather than playing the class warfare card.