Attorneys for Hawaii said Monday that removing the block of President Trump's travel ban would "thrust the country back into the chaos and confusion."

President Trump's administration petitioned the Supreme Court to hear arguments over the travel ban in an expedited fashion and remove the blockades of the ban, which have been backed by federal appeals courts in the 4th and 9th Circuits. The Supreme Court asked for a response to the Trump administration's petition by Monday regarding why the travel ban should not be allowed to proceed.

Hawaii's lawyers responded Monday that the government's actions belie the assertion that lifting the courts' injunction is necessary to avoid irreparable harm.

"Staying the injunction would irreparably injure respondents and thrust the country back into the chaos and confusion that resulted when the first order was announced," the attorneys wrote in the Monday response. "The long-term consequences would be even more significant. As soon as the unconstitutional order is implemented, our Framers' greatest fears for this nation will be realized; the order will serve as an ominous 'Beacon on our Coast,' warning" the 'persecuted and oppressed of every nation and religion' that they must 'seek some other haven.'"

Hawaii's attorneys also chose to include Trump's tweets this month "championing the 'original travel ban'" in their argument on Monday against the Trump administration's case.

The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to review his second, revised travel ban. That executive order prevents nationals from six Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen — from coming to the U.S. for 90 days.