All former President George H.W. Bush wanted was to be out of the hospital and home for Christmas and it now appears he is going to get his wish.

"He gets better every day and should get out by weeks end," said spokeswoman Jean Becker.

"41 is doing well, good spirits, joking, taking therapy and is expected to be home for Christmas," added another family friend.

Bush, 88, has been in Houston's Methodist Hospital for 26 days recovering from a bronchitis-related cough that landed him there on November 23. Over the past few days he has returned to joking with his and the hospital staff, even calling one caretaker "Nurse Ratched," the enforcer in the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

"Yes, he still has a sense of humor," Becker told Secrets.

While in the hospital, Bush also received a visit and trophy football from the newest Heisman Trophy winner, Texas A&M University quarterback Johnny Manziel. Bush's presidential library and museum is located at the university.