Hello Drive Guys,??

I own a 2005 Accura TL and was wondering if I'm damaging the engine by alternating between 87 octane and premuim each time I fill up.?


Ed - Hi Steve, I checked with one of my old employers staff, Criswell Acura in Annapolis, and all the Acura models recommend premium fuel.  If you notice a true lack of power when using regular (87), the computer would be cutting back on timing advance because of knock sensor input to the computer (engine ping/spark knock).  Since the manufacturer recommends premium, I can't recommend something else.

Jeff - I would suggest using the premium blend fuel recommended for your vehicle. I don’t know of any direct damage caused by using a lower octane fuel. The results of the use of a lower octane fuel will cause poor performance and a possible long-term effect on the emission system.

Drive Guys Ed Kriston and Jeffrey Boone are automotive repair specialists based in the Towson office of AAA Mid-Atlantic.