They burn people alive and gunned down women and children. The evils of Islamic State are becoming more well known as allied forces enter the territories the caliphate used to occupy.

On Thursday, the United Nations published its report on war crimes committed by the ISIS in Mosul, before that city was retaken by Iraqi security forces in July.

The documentation offers evidence as to why the caliphate's demise is such good news for humanity. Still, while it records many incidents of ISIS shelling, rocketing, or car bombing of civilians, there are some specific stories worthy of your attention.

Consider what ISIS did to those it accused of fighting for freedom.

"In the morning of 17 October 2016, residents... 50 km south of Mosul, fought against ISIS killing three of the group’s members and burning one vehicle. ISIS abducted eight young men from the village, shot them in the head and left them at the entrance of the village."

"On the afternoon of 19 October, ISIS reportedly abducted six men from their homes and tied their hands to a vehicle and dragged them behind it ... for reportedly being related to a tribal leader fighting ISIS with ISF."

"On 8 November, ISIS reportedly killed by shooting 40 civilians in Mosul City after accusing them of treason and collaboration with ISF. The victims were dressed in orange clothes and words "traitors and agents of the ISF" were written on their corpses in red. The bodies were then hung from electricity poles in several areas of Mosul."

"On 5 April, ISIS publicly burnt three civilian men to death in the ISIS-controlled 17 Tamouz neighborhood of western Mosul. The victims were accused of cooperation with ISF and they had reportedly been abducted by ISIS from their homes one hour before being killed."

Neither did ISIS have any sympathy for civilians trying to escape the war zone.

"On 22 November, an ISIS sniper reportedly killed a seven-year-old child and wounded his brother while they were running towards ISF positions ..."

"On 26 November, an ISIS sniper killed a 42-year-old civilian man who was holding a raised white flag as he ran towards ISF ..."

"On 21 December 2016, ISIS shelling killed four aid workers who were distributing food and water to residents in the recently retaken Zuhour neighborhood of eastern Mosul. At least three civilians, including one woman, were wounded in this attack."

"In the afternoon of 2 April 2017, ISIS publicly shot and killed 20 civilian men ... for attempting to flee towards ISF positions. On the same date, ISIS killed an Imam in the same neighborhood for refusing to issue a death sentence against the 20 civilians who had tried to flee towards ISF positions."

ISIS also forced civilians to join their ranks.

"On 19 October, ISIS child soldiers rigged with explosives were reportedly killed... when an operation by ISF was launched against ISIS in the area."

"Local media reported that on 9 November, ISIS deployed its "Cubs of the Caliphate" unit in the old town of Mosul, with its members wearing explosive belts."

For those imprisoned by ISIS, circumstances were similarly terrible.

"On 7 November, ISF together with the Engineering Units of the Peshmerga, reportedly found in Shura subdistrict of Mosul an underground prison containing 961 persons. Those kept captive were Sunnis, with most of them allegedly being former ISF officers, and some of them members of the Islamic Political Party. The abductees reportedly exhibited torture signs on their bodies and suffered from malnutrition. One source reported that the prison had cages and rooms measuring 1 meter by 0.5 meter. ISIS reportedly provided food to the abductees once a day and allegedly systematically tortured the abductees."

"On 23 March, ISF managed to enter a booby-trapped house in retaken al-Jadida neighborhood in western Mosul, and rescued 18 civilians locked by ISIS in the basement. The civilians spent three days in the basement without food and water."

And the U.N. notes that ISIS sometimes behaved in a manner that can only be described as psychopathic.

"In what appeared to be a new tactic, ISIS members disguised as ISF killed and abducted civilians who greeted them as liberators. For instance, in the morning of 24 April, ISIS members in a black military vehicle and wearing combat uniforms similar to those of the Iraqi Federal Police, arrived in the ISIS controlled al-Maydan neighborhood in western Mosul. Local civilians came out to welcome them believing that they were ISF come to liberate the area. The ISIS members then opened fire, killing 17 of them, including six women and three children. ISIS also abducted nine civilian men."

As I say, it's great news that ISIS is finally being crushed.