The Republican Party has issued talking points on both Steve Bannon's exit from the White House and the fallout surrounding the violence in Charlottesville last weekend.

Bannon was let go as chief strategist on Friday, and in a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said, "We are grateful for his service and wish him the best."

The talking points, shared by Time's Zeke Miller, recommend that Republicans "echo that sentiment."

"Anyone who dedicates this time and effort to serving our country and the President should be commended for their efforts and sacrifices," the document says.

Regarding Charlottesville, the Virginia town where last weekend white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups clashed with counter-protesters, the GOP delivered an unequivocable message on hate groups and violence.

"There is no room for violence, hate, or bigotry in the GOP," the document says. "The Republican Party has always stood for liberty and equality, and there is no room in our Party for racism and bigotry. We do not want or need the votes of white supremacists and we will speak out against anyone who shares these disgusting beliefs."

Regarding the Confederate monuments at the heart of the conflict, the talking points mentions that Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said the GOP stands against divisive and hurtful symbols.

In that vein, the talking points advise: "We should find ways to preserve our history, but we must always continue to work towards an inclusive future that separates us from a hateful past."