President Trump is least popular where he spends most of his time, in Washington, D.C., and is most popular in Alabama, according to a Morning Consult survey released Tuesday.

Just 16 percent of registered voters approve of Trump in Washington, which gives him a -63 percent net approval rating. But 63 percent of voters like him in Alabama, where he has a +29 percent net approval rating, the poll said.

Vermont and Hawaii, two blue states, were tied for second on the list of states where Trump is struggling to win support. Just 30 percent of voters approve of him in those states, and he has a -36 percent net approval rating in each.

Wyoming and West Virginia are the second and third best states for Trump, where 60 percent and 59 percent of voters like him and his net approval ratings are +25 percent and +22 percent.

The poll found the first-term president's approval ratings have increased in most states since September, but is still negative in some battleground states.

Trump's approval ratings improved the most in New Hampshire, Virginia, and Georgia, where he gained 7 to 9 percentage points.

However, the White House lost the most favor among voters in Utah, New Mexico, and Alaska, where the net percentage point change dropped 9 to 14 points.

Trump's overall national approval rating is at 44 percent, a 4-point increase since October. The majority of registered voters nationwide, 51 percent, do not approve of his work.

Morning Consult concluded the uptick in approval was "mainly driven by Republicans, as he remains underwater with Democrats and independents."

The state surveys were based on 802,543 interviews with registered voters from Oct. 1, 2017 to Jan. 29, 2018. The individual state surveys' margins of error varied between states. The national survey was conducted with the same number of people and had a 0.2 percentage point margin of error.