It has been two weeks since Palestinian terrorists kidnapped Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer and Naftali Frankel as they were on their way home from school.

The Israeli Defense Force has conducted extensive house-to-house searches near the site of the abduction.

The incursions have led to the IDF detaining hundreds of Hamas activists. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has called for a Third Intifada in response to these incursions.

But are these raids the cause of a new and violent intifada? Or is this a thinly veiled excuse to continue to perpetrate violent jihad against Israel?

Peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians have already been put on hold after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas swore in a new unity government that incorporates Hamas-appointed ministers.

Founded as the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas is an openly anti-Semitic and violent terrorist organization.

The organization's founding charter calls for the death of Jews and the complete destruction of Israel. Hamas has claimed responsibility for the deaths of countless innocent Israelis. They then celebrate these deaths by naming their schools, hospitals, and streets after the murderers.

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri glorifies the Intifada as "the greatest event in the history of the Palestinian people."

Hamas official Salah Bardawil described a third intifada is an "irrevocable right" of the Palestinian people. These are not the statements of people upset at the idea of renewed violence.

In fact, Palestinians affiliated with Hamas celebrated the news of the kidnapping of three Israeli teens by passing out candies in Gaza.

Hamas has long stated their support for kidnapping Israelis in order to win concessions from Israel. Hamas has been implicated in the kidnappings.

One can surmise that these kidnappings were perpetrated as an opportunity to carry out further violence against Israel.

Over the past 10 years, Hamas has been responsible for firing over 10,000 rocket attacks into Israel. The recent raids in the West Bank uncovered an extensive underground network of tunnels, weapons production labs and explosives.

These are all signs that Hamas remains committed to its founding principle of perpetrating violence against Jews and the destruction of Israel.

In past peace talks, Israel has shown itself willing to capitulate extensively to Palestinian demands. However, short of total capitulation to all Palestinian demands, the Palestinians have been unwilling to compromise.

Often the Palestinians seek to leverage the violence that ensues after peace talks breakdown for their own political gain.

Both Hamas and Abbas’ Fatah movement have long been supporters of terrorism against Israel. The Palestinians actively promote violence as a means to achieve their political goals, even spending millions of dollars each month paying salaries to Palestinian prisoners being held for acts of terrorism against Israel.

Palestinian Authority TV is used as a tool to teach Palestinian children to deny Israel’s existence and right to exist. Thousands of Palestinian boys are sent to para-military summer camps in the Gaza Strip.

This new intifada is not a result of Israeli incursions in the West Bank. This is a planned offensive that Palestinians have been waiting to execute.

And in spite of the imminent violence, President Obama's White House has still decided that it will continue to legitimate Israel's enemies through financial support.

Lawmakers are currently pushing legislation to classify the newly formed unity government as a foreign terrorist organization, and call for the government to cut off aid to the Palestinians.

This is an important undertaking. The United States needs to send a clear message that the Palestinians use of violence and terror as a tool for political gain must stop.

Alex VanNess is manager of public information for the Center for Security Policy.