Fuel worth more than $52,000 can usually get someone far -- but in Ohio, no one is sure where the $52,000 worth of fuel has gone.

The fuel was stored at two tanks at a post in Clinton County, northeast of Cincinnati, for the Ohio Department of Transportation. It disappeared from the ODOT gas tanks on one day, without accurate records being kept of where it went and what it was used for, according to a report by the state inspector general and reported on by WHIO-TV.

ODOT workers are expected to electronically log every instance in which they remove $5,000 or more worth of fuel from the tanks — and note what it was used for.

But that didn't happen in this case. An employee circumvented the state computer system by breaking up the $52,000 worth of fuel into 14 separate, smaller gas transactions and logging them individually, getting each one under the $5,000 bar, the IG said.

Now, state investigators cannot find out what physically happened to the fuel.

“We had given them every opportunity to explain how or why,” Carl Enslen, the deputy IG, said of the undocumented fuel. “This report doesn’t resolve where it went.”

An ODOT spokesman said officials at the agency "just received the report and are reviewing it," according to WHIO.

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