Noon: There will be a prayer to begin the new legislative day. Officially, there's scheduled an hour of "leader time" controlled by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell. But if Ted Cruz so chooses, he can keep the floor until 1 p.m. if he so wishes, the Minority Leader's office tells me.

1 p.m.: Cruz has to stop talking. There will be a cloture vote on the "motion to proceed" to the continuing resolution — the spending bill the House just passed. This vote is expected to pass overwhlemingly, and set up three days of debate.

Saturday: The Senate, under current rules, will vote on cloture on the bill — that is, to cut off debate on the CR. This requires 60 votes. Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and some other conservatives will vote against cloture. As it currently looks, many Republicans will vote for cloture, though. (This could be moved to Friday if Reid so wants).

After cloture: Reid will introduce a motion to strip out the CR's defund-Obamacare provision (Sec. 137). This needs 51 votes and it will get 51 votes.

Finally: On Saturday or Sunday, under current arrangements, the Senate will vote on passage on the amended CR. This requires only 51 votes.

Then: The House and Senate will need to hash out their differences (or pass a very short-term CR) by Monday to prevent a government shutdown.