Last week, I wrote a blog entitled "7 Reasons Why I'm Not a Feminist." I should have added an 8th reason: because I'm an independent thinker.

This week, former first lady Michelle Obama said this to an audience in Boston: "Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice." With a straight face, she went on to say:

It doesn't say much about Hillary, and everybody's trying to worry about what it means for Hillary and no, no, no what does this mean for us as women? ... That we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, β€˜He's better for me. His voice is more true to me.' To me that just says, you don't like your voice. You just like the thing you're told to like.

The two glaring problems with this statement are its dripping condescension, which is a bona fide staple of the Left, and its glaring hypocrisy.

Newsflash: Voting for Hillary Clinton, not Trump, is what women were told to like. Thus, women who did vote for Trump obviously don't do what they're told, but rather, think for themselves. That Obama doesn't like how most white women β€” I say 'white' because it was white women specifically who voted Trump into office β€” think is the underlying issue. That's where her beef lies.

So, how do women who voted for Trump think? More than anything, they like that with Trump, what you see is what you get. His demeanor, attitude, and trigger-happy ways leave much to be desired. But it's his forthrightness that put him in the White House.

American women, like American men, care more about authenticity than they do anything else. They like substance over style. Yes, President Barack Obama is careful and polished, and he's an excellent orator. But they recognize that as pomp and circumstance, precisely because they don't "just like the thing" they're told to like!

American women who voted for Trump are the exact opposite of what Obama suggests: They're not sheep. It's the others, those who follow and vote for feminists such as Clinton and Obama, who are the sheep. They're the ones who "like the thing they're told to like." After all, for two solid years, the media hated on Trump and hailed Hillary Clinton.

I guess Michelle conveniently forgot about that.

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